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We fled, far away...

Sarah. 24ish. QPOC. Genderqueer. Panic disorder w/agoraphobia.

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uhmmm gfs


i’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled today in like 2 hours and would appreciate any good vibes you all could send me! thank you

Please send my girl some well wishes. She’s on the couch recovering and feeling yucky and sore!


Some doodles of Hawke twins, because I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately. I really wish we had more chance to see them interact with each other in the game.

Psst. Blackwall is not straight, pass it on.

Bioware: Blackwall announced as last romance option!
Me: :)
Bioware: lol females only
Me: :(


I can’t deal with this right now


CATWS vs Captain America comics

No OCs on that kiss meme thing? You wound me madam! Fine. Loghain and Maric mwhahahahaha!


(Nerdlord here sent me a second ask for either 9 or 10) 

For the Kiss Meme! I love this kinds of things, please play? 1 and 11 are claimed (and will be posted later today) but the others are still open. Fandom only please, no OCs. I’ll draw outside of my own ships as long as they’re not ones I can’t stand. 

Am I the only person wanting Blackwall/Dorian to happen?



i should clarify on my last post: i’m sure someone out there feels the same and doesn’t have the un serblackwall





It’s still me. I changed my Sebastian to Blackwall, just an fyi. Seemed a bit fitting. 

I’ve got some new followers so I wanted to let you all know “HI” and if you need me to tag anything please let me know. Sometimes I am forgetful and don’t tag things. 

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